My good friend Gerco had prepared a scenario based on the battle of Marston Moor. This is an interesting battle since it is not a straight forward your army against my army affair. Instead one army was first on the field and able to take up the best possible position, the other is mostly cavalry. In Pike and Shotte this makes an interesting cocktail.

IMG_2294.JPGTogether with Evert I played the new noddle army, but without Cromwell and ironsides. Our army was mostly infantry, ye big gun and some men on horses. We occupied the enclosed farm with infantry and ye gun that was placed such that it would enfilade any advance across the centre of the field. The rest of the army was deployed on the other side of the road and across the field such that both flanks were covered as good as was allowed by the available terrain. Or two units of horse were in reserve at the centre rear.


IMG_2292.JPGThe royalist entered the field with some commanded shot and dragoons attacking the enclosed farm. This would end up as a slogging shooting match. The numerous cavalry deployed facing the centre field and quickly one of the commands moved towards their right in order to imitate the great Conde at Rocroi. Unfortunately the orders were slow to pass along the ranks while the other command was quick. The result was that the centre horse thundered across the fields, to quick for ye big gun to get a good shot, while the brilliant outflanking move was still pondering on how to be brilliant and look good at the same time… not an easy task!



IMG_2295.JPGThe delay allowed us to use the two units of roundhead horse to good effect. Dancing around in a hit an retreat mode close to our infantry hedgehogs, like a clownfish in an anemone, made us hit hard on the roundhead cavalry.

At long last the outflanking royalist got their act together and off they rushed along the woods, bending off to the rear of the parliament infantry and then on towards the other flank. Conde, eat your heart out!




IMG_2305.JPGUnfortunately at the time of the battle accurate GPS equipment was not yet available. As a result the royalist horse moved to close when passing the parliament hedgehogs. Despite the fact the when in a hedgehog formation shooting is impaired the effects of enfilade fire more that mitigated that. Some units got passed and were able to charge the roundhead horse. However, at the end the command broke because too many units went shaken. Yes the roundhead horse was demolished as well, but the hedgehogs stood firm and that saved the day for parliament!




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